Top 5 Cheap Cars That Have Risen In Value

If you are the proud owner of one of the five cars listed below, your motor may just be worth more than you thought.

Using new data, car valuation experts Hagerty UK, have created a list of the best buys – so if you are looking for a car that could be suitable for investment, here are the models you need to look out for:

Bentley Brooklands (1992-1998): Average price today: £14,925

Bentley unveiled the Brooklands in 1992 as its entry-level model and was considered a success with some 1,719 sold globally. However, it isn’t a car that earned instant classic status with values plummeting through the noughties. But now there are signs that prices are on the upturn.

Triumph TR8 (1978-1980): Average price today: £14,225

Built for just two years, almost all Triumph TR8s were left-hand drive examples sold to the US market with only handfuls of right-hand drive versions produced. This rarity has driven up average values.

Peugeot 205 Rallye (1988-1992): Average price today: £14,350

Despite a modest 1.1-litre engine and a basic interior, with zero soundproofing, no stereo, and manual windows this car’s value is rising, with prices soaring by 5.3% last year.

Fiesta XR2 Mk2 (1984-1989): Average price today: £11,125

The Fiesta XR2 Mk2 has increased in price by a whopping 14.1% compared to last year. It was first manufactured in 1976 and replaced by the ‘hot hatch’ version in 1981.

Land Rover 90 petrol (1984-1989) Average price today: £11,025

The price of the first models of this first classic motor is on the rise – and will soon have other advantages too, as they will qualify for “historic vehicle status” – meaning they’ll be exempt from annual MOT tests, vehicle excise duty and low-emission zones.

John Mayhead, the price guide’s editor, said: “The best thing about these sorts of cars at this price point is that they are accessible classics.

“They have the potential to be great fun, really stand out from the other cars on the road and provide a driving experience that is just so different to the ‘norm’ attributes that are the same as more traditional classics that tend to be a lot more expensive.

“That means with everyone tightening their belts, these cars could offer a good opportunity for someone who wants a classic but has a more limited budget.”