UK Motorists have Concerns about the Standard of Driving Post-lockdown

Almost a fifth of motorists have struggled to get to grips with driving – after millions of drivers have been off the road during lockdown.

A recent survey conducted by Hyundai, also revealed that 48% of UK drivers have concerns that the standard of driving will be worse now restrictions are starting to ease.

The average UK driver covers roughly 583 miles per month according to MOT data, but over the past 28 days, the average car has only been driven 90 miles.  Almost a third of motorists surveyed have said they have driven fewer than 25 miles in the same period.

It seems that with so little time spent driving, 18% have struggled to get back behind the wheel. 28% of these people reported they had stalled their car and over a fifth have forgotten to indicate.

A spokesperson for Hyundai UK said: “Absence can make the heart grow fonder and our research found that 45 per cent of motorists have missed driving because of lockdown.”

“Like with many things, there can be a few teething issues after a break and driving is no different.”

“With a little care and practice though, I’m sure that motorists will soon get their confidence back behind the wheel.”

It’s not just our driving skills that we need to brush up on; 40% of motorists say they have not had to refuel in the past 28 days, with 12% admitting they could not remember which side of their car the fuel cap or charging point was on.

The speeds we have been driving at have also changed since the government issued their stay at home advice in March. Just under 45% of motorists think road users have been travelling at higher speeds during lockdown, with only 10% believing they have driven more slowly.

This data supports numerous cases where UK police forces have spoken out about shoddy driving during lockdown. However, the good news is that a third of the two thousand motorists surveyed claimed to have been driving more cautiously since the start of the pandemic.