‘White Van Man’ Cliché Replaced By ‘Green Van Man’ As Drivers Go Eco-friendly

New research by car manufacturer Fiat, has found that the stereotype of ‘White Van Man’ is a thing of the past. The concept of a dirty, diesel-drinking white van is fast becoming replaced by ‘Green Van Man’ as the report found that over a third of van drivers would consider a switch to an electric-powered vehicle.

Research by Fiat has found that ‘green van man’ is on the rise, with over a third of van drivers considering a switch to electric power.

Fiat surveyed 500 van drivers to gain their feedback ahead of the launch of the firms all-electric E-Ducato van set for later this year.

A whopping 91% of respondents stated they believed being environmentally friendly was important. Two-thirds of UK van drivers also support the government’s plans to reduce overall vehicle emissions across Britain.

Interest in sustainable vehicles is growing rapidly, with 35% of those asked saying they would consider an electric van as their next vehicle, while a substantial 84% thought businesses should provide a fleet of eco-friendly vans.

The survey also found that the cliché that van drivers are considered aggressive and poor at driving is also changing. Nearly two-thirds of those asked were offended at the notion their driving was bad.

More than three-quarters of van drivers said they took pride in their van, ensuring it looks clean, with a tidy interior. The research also found that van drivers are as likely to listen to Radio 2 as they are to Radio 1 whilst they are driving.

The claim that commercial van drivers have an unhealthy diet is also outdated according to two-thirds of those surveyed—with a fifth of drivers stating they are vegetarian or vegan.

Fiat Professional’s Richard Chamberlain commented: “It’s a bit of a tired myth now that van drivers are tailgaters who take little pride in their vehicle or the environment.

“Caring about the planet is an important part of everyone’s lives, and while the growth in popularity of electric cars has been well publicised, it seems many van drivers are proud of their office and are also looking to make the switch to zero-emission motoring.”