A Glasgow Weekend – Staying at Garfield House Hotel (1/2)

Did you do anything special for Burns night? We went to Scotland.

Sounds like we were super organised and canny there, but I didn’t even realise until a couple of days before. We were heading up to Glasgow to help Ashleigh celebrate her 30th birthday in style – or something!

We picked Rob and Sarah up in Grimsby and went for lunch. A massive lunch, with all the chips in Lincolnshire. It was tiring, there was so much eating to do. Sarah had to have a power nap in the car.

As we drove into the clouds of Cumbria, Europe’s Final Countdown intermittently played on the radio. We we forced to fill in the gaps, and that was okay. The rain was so heavy there was nothing to see, not even the road.

It was dark when we arrived at Garfield House Hotel. We checked in, dumped our bags in our rooms, and went down to the bar for a drink.

There were a few people in the main bar – slumped in their chairs, sitting upright, but not right. After further inspection we realised they were asleep and there hadn’t been a massacre so we went to the other bar and got a couple of drinks before opting for an early night.

Our room was in the old part of the hotel. Tall ceilings, fancy plasterwork and big windows. A very large drum light shade hung from an ornate ceiling rose. The room was plenty spacious, warm and clean.

Before I went to bed I found the biscuits. Shortbread. Result!

We slept well in the big soft bed, and then it was morning. There had been some kind of dusting of whiteness in the carpark. It looked bright and cold. Frost or snow.

I was pleased to see that Garfield House Hotel had a good range of carpets, five beauties for me to add to my collection. Nice!

Rob and Sarah met us downstairs for breakfast. We saw five snowflakes flutter past the window.

We’d missed the proper snow just a few days before, the lady on reception told me. I told her we came from a flat and snowless land. When I mentioned that we’d had to go to a dry ski-slope for sledging on Christmas Eve she laughed heartily.

With fingers crossed for proper snow, we headed out of the hotel, off into Glasgow in search of tartan and Irn Bru.

Garfield House Hotel is situated in the Glasgow suburb of Stepps, just 8 miles outside the city centre.

The average rate for a double room (like the one we stayed in) is £96.90 per night, for two people, including breakfast.

Thanks to the Garfield House team for a great stay, and to their interior designers for decorating in lots of lovely grey!