A Night at The Hedgehog, Lichfield

I think it is important that I admit this early on – I only booked The Hedgehog for its name. Nothing else, I just like hedgehogs. Considering that, everything turned out very well!

We had hoped to head off early and perhaps enjoy some of the sights of Lichfield, but things don’t always work out to plan. Adam spent the majority of the day trying to get my new brakes to stop rattling. After about six hours, and half a roll of tin foil, they were quiet enough to be tolerated.  We arrived at The Hedgehog in time to get a drink and some dinner. There’s a relief!

Dinner was pub fare. The staff were very attentive and polite, the atmosphere was relaxed. My steak and chips came with peas, I don’t like peas, so it went away and came back with salad. Adam had a burger. There may have been some extra onion rings involved. Nothing too exciting. We retreated to our room and watched The A-Team.

Our room was simple – quite small (accentuated by the very high ceiling), basic but ample. The carpet was painterly, the bed was large.

There were three pillows on the bed and one in the wardrobe, ‘This room sleeps four!’ I exclaimed as I rooted around, discovering the complimentary biscuits, Lotus biscuits… hooray!

In the morning we rose early and headed down to breakfast to be greeted by The Hedgehog’s manager, Ron. Usually on a Sunday The Hedgehog starts breakfast at 8am, but for us they kindly adjusted their clock and fed us at 7. Good ol’ Hedgehog!

We really couldn’t have been better looked after. Warm croissants, cereal, yoghurt, fruit, orange juice and tea. Jo was even going to make us a little pack-up to take away with us!

With just enough time to snap another carpet photo for my ongoing collection, we gathered our bags,  girded our loins, hopped into our cars and headed off to the Curborough Sprint Track.

The room rate at The Hedgehog was just £67 for the night, including complimentary continental breakfast for two.