A Night at The Mount Hotel, Wolverhampton

As we headed to the West Country, I wondered what to expect. Wolverhampton is not synonymous with style, it doesn’t have a reputation for being a great getaway destination. I was more than pleasantly surprised by this charming hotel though.

Neighbouring with National Trust property Wightwick Manor, and having previously been owned and renovated by the same family who built Wightwick, The Mount is full of stunning features – magnificent ceilings, fabulous woodwork, and a collection of some of the most simply beautiful windows I have seen.

It is said that The Mount was built for comfort and entertaining, and it certainly felt that way, especially with the epic afternoon tea we’d consumed upon arrival!

I was desperate to explore the hotel. I wondered round ‘ooing’ and ‘ahing’ at everything, imagining how incredible the house must have been as a home. I lay on the floor in the Great Hall and looked up at the magnificent ceiling, (after I had photographed the carpet, of course!)

Where the communal spaces of the hotel retained their Victorian drama, the Garden Suite added modern design and a sense of serenity to the mix.

The Garden Suite was beautiful. I hadn’t expected anything special, I hadn’t thought it would be so lovely, and for me, everything was so lovely.

I loved the stone framed windows and the balcony overlooking the gardens that wrapped around the building – like a big green blanket hemmed with dark trees, dressed with glassy dollops of rain that weightily and sporadically dropped from their dense canopy.

The room was light, airy and welcoming. The colour scheme, gentle and calm.

On the bed was a neat little card telling us that our room had been serviced by Jennifer. The room was immaculate. Nice one Jennifer, thank you!

I loved the big bed with it’s beautifully buttoned velvet headboard. I lay there and looked around, ‘I could live here!’ I thought.

The room was fully equipped with tea and biscuits (the things I need most – apart from when I’ve had ALL the afternoon tea) wifi, Ultra HD TV,  iPhone 5 dock, robes and slippers, sewing kit, dental kit… Yes, I really could live here!

I woke, from eight hours of deep sleep, like a contented sausage in a sandwich of soft white bed. I listened to the silence. Excellent. After two restless nights in Wales (listening to the kitchen’s music and banter until the early hours) this was the most welcome solace.

All I could manage for breakfast was a bowl of coco pops and some more photos of carpets. I didn’t have an appetite, caused mostly, I think, by my distress at having to leave my newly claimed home, and probably just a teeny bit because of the gargantuan afternoon tea we’d delightfully devoured on our arrival the day before.

A top notch stay for two at The Mount, in the Garden Suite, is £165 per night (including breakfast) and I couldn’t recommend it more highly. In fact, I am planning on going back soon.

We were guests of The Mount, and did all our own lounging, sleeping and relaxing. My opinions are my own, as are my photos of hotel carpets.