Are we Nearly There Yet?

International air travel took another step forward when a Qatar Airways Boeing 777-200LR touched-down in Auckland, New Zealand, at 7.25am on Monday, 6 February. So ended the world’s longest non-stop commercial flight that began in Doha 16 hours & 10 minutes earlier, 9.032 miles away. And despite crossing some 10 time zones managed to arrive 5 minutes early. Southern Rail, take note!

However, the record may be short-lived as with more long-range aircrafts available other airlines are jockeying for position, especially Singapore Airlines with a re-launched New York-Singapore service. The two cities are some 9,521 miles apart. Qantas is also aiming to launch non-stop flights between Britain and Australia in March 2018, although the distances are marginally shorter.

Top 10 | The world’s longest flights

  1. Doha-Auckland, Qatar Airways, 9,028 miles
  2. Dubai-Auckland, Emirates, 8,824 miles
  3. Sydney-Dallas, Qantas, 8,578 miles
  4. San Francisco-Singapore, United Airlines & Singapore Airlines, 8,446 miles
  5. Atlanta-Johannesburg, Delta, 8,439 miles
  6. Abu Dhabi-Los Angeles, Etihad, 8,390 miles
  7. Dubai-Los Angeles, Emirates, 8,339 miles
  8. Jeddah-Los Angeles, Saudia, 8,332 miles
  9. Doha-Los Angeles, Qatar Airways, 8,306 miles
  10. Dubai-Houston, Emirates, 8,168 miles