Arnold’s Lane Lights & St Peters Tree Festival

If you aren’t already feeling the Christmas spirit, maybe this will help. If you don’t want to feel the Christmas spirit, I suggest you look away now… uh oh! Too late!

We went to see the Arnold’s Lane Christmas lights in Whittlesey last night. It’s so lovely. John and Gina have been decorating their historic thatched cottage for years, and have raised over £26000 for children with cancer.

It’s well worth a visit – it’s beautiful, Christmassy and makes you realise how selfless and kind some people can be.

Looks like an LED king is placing a burger on the head of an angel here. Maybe he’s the burger king? (So sorry!)

If that’s not enough Christmasness, I also popped along to a Christmas Tree Festival with my friend Liz. I have never done so many Christmas things in my entire life, and I didn’t mind at all!

I found it all rather fun, but apparently its a very serious thing and I wasn’t allowed to leave until I had voted for not one, but two, Christmas trees!

First I chose the Westwood School tree, made of recycled cardboard, most of all because I liked it, but also because I did an artist’s residency with them many years ago and felt some kind of strange loyalty!

My second choice (for the ‘adult’ category) was this red light tree made by a local craft group. Perfect.

Too. Much. Christmas! We’re off now to do all the eating and present sharing that is required at this time of year. It’s a task, I tell you!

If you are reading this, (thanks!) I’d like to wish you a wonderful Christmas full of joy and warmth. Yo ho ho!