Brits Reveal What Makes ‘The Perfect Walk’

A study of over 2,000 walkers has revealed that peace and quiet, picturesque views and spotting wildlife such as butterflies, birds, and squirrels contribute towards the perfect stroll.

Also on the list of the top 20 things to make a walk perfect are: sunny weather, a stop-off at a café or pub, a planned route and a body of water such as a river or lake.

The survey was commissioned by route planning and navigation app Komoot, who reported that the British public’s favourite places to take a stroll were forests, national parks or countryside villages.

Hikers take an average of eight photos on their walks and liked to visit places with ‘Instagramable’ photo opportunities.

47% of walkers would like to see a sunset while on a hike, and 39% prefer to be out early enough to catch the sunrise.

60% of those surveyed felt that walking improves their overall mood, with other benefits including staying healthy, making it into a day out and enjoying spending time in nature.

Komoot co-founder Jonas Spengler said: “We’re pleased to see even more data supporting the benefits of walking on both physical and mental health – especially when it’s enjoyed in a nature setting.

“We believe walking or hiking is something everyone of all abilities can get involved with and enjoy, whether they travel up the country or walk around their local area.

“If you head out with an attitude of discovery, just about any walk can feel like an adventure.“

During an average month, adults typically go on five walks, choosing the company of their partner, child or group of friends – only one in 10 would choose to walk solo.

For UK-based walks, the survey showed that the ideal location for a stroll would be in the South West, followed by Scotland.

Jonas concluded: “There are endless walks in the UK which offer wonderful views, eateries and challenging or easy routes.”

“Komoot aims to uncover some of the walking community’s favourite routes, providing walking inspiration at your fingertips, and bringing you a few steps closer to your perfect walk.

“No matter the location, and whether people are looking to challenge themselves or simply enjoy a stroll around somewhere new, there is a walk – and an adventure – for everyone.”