Disney Announces €2 Billion Expansion of its Disneyland Paris Amusement Park

Disneyland Paris Expansion

The new development will include a transformation of the Walt Disney Studios Park, adding three new areas that are based on Marvel (Spider-Man, The Hulk, X-Men), Frozen and Star Wars, along with multiple new attractions and live entertainment experiences.

With over 320 million visits since 1992 the park represents 6.2 percent of France’s tourism income, according to the Walt Disney Company, which described the expansion plan as “one of the most ambitious development projects” in the park’s history.

Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel

The multi-year development will roll out in phases beginning in 2021.  In addition to the three new areas, the creative vision includes a new lake, which will be the focal point for entertainment experiences and will also connect each of the new park areas. In addition 2020 will see the Hotel New York rebranded as the Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel showcasing the worlds of Iron Man, The Avengers, and Spider-Man, among others. And this summer, the Marvel Summer of Super Heroes seasonal event will take place at Disneyland Paris, where guests can meet their favourite heroes and experience new live entertainment.

In the spring of 2017, Disneyland Paris kicked off its 25th Anniversary celebration by completing a two-year refurbishment program, updating and renovating many of the classic attractions in the parks, as well as opening multiple new entertainment shows such as Mickey and the Magician. Additionally, several major renovations took place at the resort’s hotels including Disney’s Newport Bay Club, which is now a four-star hotel.

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