Dutch Flowers Now: Beyond the Tulip Fields

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Get your full-on floral fix in the Netherlands and plan ahead for 2022

I want you to close your eyes, concentrate, and imagine a Dutch flower in your mind… red tulip, right?!

Think of Dutch flowers and most likely the glorious tulip will come to mind – famous across the world for its historical significance in trade and prosperity, and simply very beautiful. The Netherlands proudly grows millions of flowers each year, not all tulips, but all beautiful.

Most of us look forward to Spring blooms as a signifier of warmer, lighter days, but in the Netherlands there’s a lot more to look forward to – flower parades, exhibitions, flower arranging and cutting gardens, farm tours, cycling through fields of brightly coloured flowers and enjoying the classic Dutch scenery, and much more.

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You might already know of Keukenhof, a very popular tourist destination for spring garden lovers, but you might not have heard of Flevoland, and you might be missing out!

Flevoland is the largest land reclamation project in the world and was added to the Netherlands in 1986. Where there was once sea, there are now vast fields full of flowers. You can travel through them on the Tulip Route, taking in the beauty of this unusual landscape and stopping off for related activities as you cycle, walk, or drive through the countryside. You could even take a hot air balloon or helicopter ride and visit Tulip Island – a large manmade tulip-shaped island planted with 150,000 tulip bulbs.

© Floriade

There are so many exciting festivals, events and gardens to visit in Flevoland, but something really big to look forward to in 2022 is the Floriade Expo – an international horticultural exhibition that is so good it only happens once every decade!

In 2022 the Floriade theme is ‘Growing Green Cities’ and from 14 April until 9 October 2022 the 60 hectare site in Almere will bring together an experience like no other – showcasing green solutions and state of the art horticultural technology. Visitors will be able to take a walk through inspiring gardens and tropical greenhouses, or take a cable-car ride over the top of them! There will be a whole plethora of music, art, theatre and food related experiences to get involved with too. If you want to see how fun, liveable and sustainable our future cities could be, then this is the place.

© Visit Flevoland

Consider combining your visit to Flevoland and Floriade with a trip to Mauritshuis between 10 February – 6 June 2022 to see a beautiful exhibition of flower filled still life paintings. And, if you still want to get further into the floral theme of things – try tulip bulb vodka from Clusius Craft Distillers or field-to-face tulip skincare from Bloomeffects. There really is something for everyone!

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