How to Almost Double your Annual Leave Entitlement in 2021

If you’ve missed out on your annual fortnight in the sun in 2020 thanks to the global pandemic, then there is good news on the horizon that will help to maximise your holiday time in 2021.

With a little clever planning, you can almost double your holiday entitlement when the world is hopefully back to some kind of normality in the coming year.

With some creative use of the holiday calendar, full time staff who qualify for qualify for 28 days annual leave can stretch out their breaks to add up to a whopping 54 days.

With coronavirus vaccines becoming available soon, summer—and even Easter—getaways are looking increasingly likely.  Travel-corridor countries are open from December 2, and it seems that visitors to non-corridor countries will soon only have to quarantine for five days on returning home, rather than 14.

Jane Pearson, spokesperson for human resources consultancy BrightHR, said: “Next year will be a big one for overseas and UK holidays and you can stretch your holidays if you get the diary out and book leave carefully around bank holidays.

“Book early, as other staff may have the same idea, and be aware the days around the late August Bank Holiday are the most popular after Christmas.

“Another boost for workers is the new five-day quarantine rule, reduced from 14 days.

“Most non-homeworkers could not take an extra 14 days off. But five days’ quarantine, especially if timed to be over a weekend, means taking only three days’ annual leave.”

If you want to get in before your colleagues and plan your diary to make the most of your days off at Easter time, here’s the way to do it:

Book four days off to get a ten-day break

Snag a ten-day break by booking time off between April 6-9 and use just four days of your holiday entitlement. Here’s how:

  • Good Friday: April 2
  • Weekend: April 3, 4
  • Easter Monday: April 5
  • Holiday entitlement: April 6, 7, 8, 9
  • Weekend: April 10, 11

Grab a late summer break

The August bank holiday weekend provides another opportunity to make the most of your days off:

  • Weekend: August 28, 29
  • August bank holiday: August 30
  • Holiday entitlement: August 31, September 1, 2, 3
  • Weekend: September 4, 5

This gives you nine days annual leave, with just four days booked – ideal for a late summer getaway.