How to Claim Flight Delay Compensation

There is nothing more frustrating than a delay or cancelled flight. Due to EU regulations there is a way you are potentially entitled to claim compensation if your flight is delayed or cancelled. We’ve put together a handy guide to show you how.

Thanks to a landmark ruling in 2012 by the European Court of Justice, it is possible for passengers to be entitled to compensation. This was possible for long delays, ensuring that they met the criteria set out by airlines. However, not all passengers have been successful, with some airlines trying to block passengers from claiming for flights more than two years old.

There is the fear that this claims might push air fares up, with airlines having to justify the big pay outs with price increases.

If you find yourself stuck at the airport, due to a delay or cancellation, you need to know your rights. Airlines should keep you updated, whether you ask at the check-in desk, through its app or social media channels. Make sure that you are checking your emails too – there is a chance the updates are going straight there.

You also have the right to food and drink, regardless of how long you are stranded. If you are delayed for more than two hours on a short-haul, three hours on medium-haul or four hours on long-haul, you are entitled to free food and drink, or vouchers to purchase them. The same applies to accommodation, if you are delayed overnight. If they are unable to provide transport (which they should) keep your receipts for your claim.

Keeping receipts is important! As well as this, make sure to hold onto any evidence, including making notes of anything that was spoken to you, personnel you dealt with and screenshot any information you see online. Keeping all of this information is useful when making a claim.

When it comes to claiming compensation you could be looking to claim up to £530 if the delay was within the control of the airline if the delay is more than five hours, you could look to ask for a refund. This is something you will need to think about before asking for. It could affect any other claims that you might be liable for.

Please note that these flights relate to any taken within the European Union.