I Wish I was Somewhere Else – Anywhere!

Tired of being stuck in a rut, a wage slave chained to a desk? Wish you could go off on a never-ending holiday? Well, why not take the plunge, escape the rat-race and look for a job that also takes you travelling.

Indeed, the job-seekers website, has helpfully compiled a list of some 15 well-paid jobs that enable you to do just that without being a penniless back-packer begging on the streets of Bangkok. The opportunities are endless and not just restricted to the obvious such as airline pilots or flight attendants. At the top of the list are openings for management consultants with an average annual income of  more than £55,000, with the chance to travel for up to 80% of your time. Alternatively how about being a freelance designer, always on the move and earning around £45,000?

Alongside the more familiar (and sometimes seasonal) offerings such as ski instructor or travel rep, there are varied openings ranging from global events manager (£34,500, travelling 50% of the time), a stage hand on £8.22 per hour or even a travel nurse with an annual income of nearly £43,000. The latter two jobs are short-term contract however.

Whatever your skills, abilities or qualifications, the opportunities are endless, so why not escape the woes of the world for however long you choose?

Here’s the full list:

1. Management consultant – £55,236 average annual earnings and up to 80% of travel time.

2. Freelance designer – £45,754 and up to 100% of travel time.

3. Travel nurse – £42,886 and the opportunity to travel during a 13 week contract.

4. Retail buyer – £39,175 and at least 10% of travel time.

5. Airline pilot – £34,575 and up to 100% of travel time.

6. Global events manager – £34,519 and up to 50% of travel time.

7. Auditor – £34,062 and up to 15% of travel time.

8. Travel writer – £32,791 and up to 100% of travel time.

9. Travel photographer – £32,470 and up to 100% of travel time.

10. Pharmaceutical sales rep – £32,062 and at least 50% of travel time.

11. Recruiter – £30,351 and at least 20% of travel time.

12. Travel agent – £24,333 and 30-40% of travel time.

13. Flight attendant – £20,419 and up to 100% of travel time.

14. Ski instructor – £15,708 and seasonal travel.

15. Stage hand – £8.22 per/hour and up to six months away on a contract.