Low Cost Travel Essentials

When it comes to your holiday packing it is all about saving space and money. Whether you are going for a three-day weekend or a three-week adventure, here are some cheap essentials you’ll need regardless, to help you travel smarter.

Travel Document Organiser

If you like to have paper copies of your travel documents to hand, then a document organiser is an essential tool to keep everything together. You can keep your boarding passes, passports, travel insurance documents, and trip itinerary to hand with a useful travel organiser.

Luggage Scale

You might be the master at packing everything you need into suitcase, with space left over, but do you know how much it weighs? Avoid that surprise baggage fee at the airport check-in with some handy portable scales. It is always handy to have this on your return journey as well, just in case you over-do the shopping trips.

Luggage Strap

A great way to make your luggage stand out at the baggage claim; you can select a colourful strap that will make it obvious that your luggage arrival is imminent.

Dry Shampoo

If you are on a long-haul flight and need a refresh when you get the airport – dry shampoo can quickly sort the problem. Dry shampoo will absorb all the excess oil between washes, which is ideal for a long journey, with little time for hair care.


One of the most often overlooked items is an essential must have security reasons. You can pick up a sturdy, reliable padlock from most UK supermarkets, which offer a great low-cost selection. Asda offers a pack of two TSA regulation padlocks for £5.50.

Multi USB Charger

For the tech-savvy travellers then a USB hub is essential for keeping all your phones, laptops, and tablets all charged up. This is great if you are travelling as a family or in a group of friends, which means that everyone will have chance to charge their devices, especially if there is a lack of plug sockets in the hotel room.


Taking an E-Reader with you means you can save space on bulky books that will take up space in your luggage. An E-Reader is a great way to keep up with your current book and passes the time on long journeys, or when you just need to unwind after a busy day sightseeing.

Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is an effective way offending off viruses and germs while on the go. They are recommended when washing your hands is not an option. You can keep a small travel-sized bottle in your carry-in for those moments when you need a backup plan.