Newquay’s Flying High!

Whilst all the aviation talk is of expansion and new runways at the major airports serving London, tiny Newquay Airport in Cornwall has emerged as No.1 in terms of passenger figure growth. In 2016 the airport handled 370,000 passengers, up from 250,000 in the   previous years; that represents an increase of 48%.

The runway at Cornwall Airport Newquay Flickr

Much of that success has been attributed to the abandoning of a local £5 passenger tax, but there has in fact been a year-on-year climb in numbers for three years and a further increase is expected this year, emphasizing the attraction of regional airports. It is possible to fly to 13 destinations in the UK alone – that’s more than is possible from Heathrow and Gatwick combined –  with both Flybe and Ryanair operating services.

Domestic destinations are not the only option either, for Aer Lingus runs a regular service to Dublin, from where it is possible to connect to international flights.

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