Why Travel Lovers Should Try Studying Abroad

Studying abroad can be one of the most intimidating experiences any student can face. Navigating foreign languages, culture shock and homesickness are just a few of the troubles encountered. Yet, most students who do take the plunge and dip their toes in foreign university waters come out the other side with unbeatable lifelong memories.

For those who love to travel, they have even more to gain by taking their academic careers overseas. If you are one of these types, the next time you reach for your study book, you should consider reaching for your passport as well. Here are just a few reasons why…

You Can Delete Your Hostelworld App

When an international student enrols into a university abroad, they are usually bombarded with events and invitations. These events are more often than not “international events”. At these events, you get to meet other international students also treading water out of their comfort zone. Yet, it is likely that these people will become your new best friends. Once the airport tears have dried up come the end of the year, you will still have friends all over the world and you will never have to scroll through Hostelworld, Airbnb, Couchsurfing and similar accommodation sites again.

Experience Multiple Cultures At Once

One of the most alluring things about travelling is that you get to immerse yourself into a new culture, their food and their way of life. As mentioned, when you become an international student you will make lots of international friends. This means you will get to feast on homemade Pizza with Italians, dance with Brazilians, drink too much with Belgians and learn cool slang with an Aussie. Nowhere else will you find such a multicultural family than when you are an international student.

Location, Location And… Location!

Moving abroad for a year, or even a couple of years, brings you new opportunities when it comes to travelling. Take advantage of your free time and your weekends to discover hidden gems near your new city. Whether that means an international trip or a train journey up the road, there will be plenty to see and do. You may have a whole host of new territories you are yet to explore right next door, or you can use your opportunity as a local to visit non-touristy places to get an authentic experience from your international adventure.

Ola, Hallo and Bonjour!

Becoming an international student gives you the best opportunity to learn the language of your new homeland. Learning a language has multiple employment and quiz-night benefits, but it will also enrich your future travels where you can now use your second tongue. Not to forget all the useful – and probably naughty – phrases you will pick up from your fellow international students.

These are just some of the reasons why travellers will be in their element when studying abroad. Have they twisted your arm to start researching the best universities in the best locations? We thought so.